Power Flush 3 Bed Home & Boiler Service

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Power Flush 3 Bed Home & Boiler Service

Power Flush 3 Bed Home, plus a Gas Boiler Service or Oil Boiler Service.
( We only service the Dublin area. )

*Please note before booking, if your gas or oil boiler is not working correctly then we are not able to service it, therefore you will need to book a Oil Boiler Repair or Gas Boiler Repair.
The price listed is only available to customers who book and pay online through this website.
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What is a Power Flush ?

Power Flushing is a highly effective cleansing operation used for cleaning a central heating system of sludge, limescale and debris, by pumping water with a powerful flushing machine and chemicals through the heating system. The special chemicals that are added, breakdown the sludge and iron oxide that have built up within your heating system.

Have you noticed any of these problems with your Central Heating System ?

  • Heating system takes a long time to warm up
  • Strange noises coming from your boiler
  • Cold areas on your radiator
  • Radiator leaking dark water
  • Rusty radiators
  • Noises coming from your pipes

What are the benefits by getting a Power Flush done on your Central Heating System ?

  • Increase central heating system life span
  • Increase energy efficient heating of system
  • Remove cold areas on radiators
  • Reduce noise from boiler
  • Reduce noise from pipes
  • Protect heating system against limescale and corrosion
  • Reduce Monthly Heating Bills

How long does a Power Flush take?

A Power Flush for a standard house would usually take about 3-4 hours.

Is a power flush guaranteed to get all radiators heating 100%?

Unfortunately not in all cases, though in the vast majority of cases it will get the radiators working far better than before hand. Some radiators will have solidified sludge which cannot be removed and in these cases the radiators may need to be replaced.

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