What is Involved in a Gas Boiler Service

What is Involved in a Gas Boiler Service ?
What is Involved in a Gas Boiler Service ? – First of all we strongly recommend a yearly Gas Boiler Service for your system because it is in the interest of your Gas safety and Greater Energy Efficiency because we know that people sometimes put off the decision. A gas boiler that isn’t working efficiently will waste a small fortune on heating bills.


What is Involved in a Gas Boiler Service ?

What do They do in a Gas Boiler Service ? – The engineer will remove the gas boiler casing to look at its components. They will check the gas boiler is working safely and efficiently. A good service includes checking:









How Long Does it Take for a Gas Boiler to be Serviced?

A Gas Boiler Service will take about 30 minutes to 45 minutes if it is done properly. If urgent gas boiler repairs are required then the check may take longer.


How Much Does it Cost to Service a Boiler?

DeWAR Gas Service are offering a special price of €69 for a Gas Boiler Service, saving you €10 off the standard price of €89, when you book and pay online.

Cost of a Gas Boiler Service

Job Normal Price Online Price
Gas Boiler Service €89 €79 Book Online
Gas Boiler Service & Carbon Monoxide Alarm €129 €109 Book Online
Gas Boiler Service & Rebalance Radiators €170 €130 Book Online

*Please Note, if your gas boiler is not working correctly then we are not able to service it, therefore you will need to book a Gas Boiler Repair.


The price of a gas boiler service does not include the cost of repairs, although if the gas engineer is able to carry out simple repairs at the same time as the service if they have the required parts to hand. The gas engineer will advise you on the cost of any repairs that need to be carried out, and will likely arrange another appointment to complete them.

Annual Gas Boiler Service Checklist

Annual Gas Boiler Service

It is strongly recommended that you get an annual gas boiler service carried out on your central heating system. A gas boiler service ensures that your system is running at its maximum efficiency levels and ensures that no fuel (and, therefore, money) is wasted unnecessarily when operating your gas boiler. The service also acts pre-emptively, weeding out small problems before they can take hold and cause larger problems (such as boiler breakdown) which would require costly gas boiler repair services further on down the line.

Among the main things which are inspected during an annual gas boiler service are boiler location, ventilation, and clearance. Once these are deemed to be acceptable the gas boiler can be cleaned and reassembled. Lastly, the gas boiler’s functions are tested to make sure that everything is in working order and a combustibility test is carried out to ensure that the gas boiler is working at its full capacity.

Gas boiler services can only be carried out by an RGI (registered Gas Installer) who represents the RGII (Registered Gas Installers Ireland). All DeWAR gas contractors are registered gas installers.

Below you will find a complete gas boiler service checklist which outlines everything that you should expect/demand from your gas contractor when they are carrying out an annual gas boiler service for your heating system.

Annual Gas Boiler Service Checklist:


Gas Boiler Visual Inspection:

• Make sure the gas boiler’s location is suitable.
• Check that the gas boiler is properly ventilated.
• Look for visible damage on the gas boiler.

Check the following:

• Check the flue’s location and condition.
• Check for spillages around the flue.
• Check the condensate drainage system (this only applies to high efficiency condensing boilers)
• Check that the gas boiler has suitable clearance from any flammable materials.
• Check the main burner and clean it where necessary.
• Check the main burner operation and adjust if need be (the manufacturer’s specifications should be checked when doing this).
• Check the pilot burner and its cables. They should also be cleaned if necessary.
• Check the heat exchanger and clean where necessary.
• Check the flue’s effectiveness while running the gas boiler.
• Check to make sure that a 3-amp fuse is properly connected.
• Check for electrical isolation.
• Check electrical wiring for damage.
• Check that electrical wiring is properly connected to the gas boiler.
• Check to ensure that the gas boiler’s thermostat is functioning correctly.
• Check the system’s pressure levels (the manufacturer’s specifications should be checked when doing this).
• Check the expansion vessel and charge it (if necessary).
• Check that the flue guard is fitted properly.
• Check boiler controls (where applicable). These include zone valves, time clock, and the thermostat.
Once all checks are completed, a combustion efficiency test should be carried out.

After the gas boiler service is completed a Declaration of Conformance Certificate (sometimes called a ‘Completion certificate) is issued by the registered gas installer.

Please note that while this is what is typically involved in a gas boiler service, no two gas boilers are exactly alike. Some units may require a slightly non-conventional approach to servicing. In all cases, it is best advised to adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications when having a gas boiler serviced.