Firebird Enviromax Popular C35 Boiler House 26 – 35 kw

Firebird Enviromax Popular C35 Boiler house 26-35kW Oil Boiler. This product comes with 2 years parts and labour warranty, 5 years on the heat exchanger, and optional extended parts and labour warranty. Ideal for installation in a dedicated boiler house, garage or outbuilding.


Firebird Enviromax Popular C35 Boiler House 26 - 35 kw


Save Money

Save up to 30% on your Energy Bills

2 Year Warranty

2 Year Parts & Labour Warranty

Expert Installers

Directly Employed Expert Installers


Firebird Enviromax Popular C35 Oil Boiler Replacement Includes:

    Firebird Enviromax Popular C35 Boiler House 26 – 35 kw
    7 LCD Timer
    Boiler removal & installation
    Horizontal flue
    Fuel Filter
    Fire Valve Shut Off
    New Circulation pump
    New Pressure Vessel
    Refill Valve and Gauge
    Power Flush your Central Heating System
    Descaler & Inhibitor – Central Heating Cleaner



Firebird Enviromax Popular C35 Oil Boiler Features & Benefits:

Firebird Enviromax Popular C35 26 – 35 kw is highly efficient irish made condensing oil boiler. This model is suitable for installating in a garage and requires a flue.


    Patented heat exchanger design
    Built from premium quality steels
    Compact design
    Multiple tapping points for ease of installation
    Sturdy well insulated casing minimises heat loss
    High performance Riello RDB burner complete with a full diagnostic control box
    SEDBUK Band A Efficiency



When should I get a Oil Boiler Replacement?

The Sustainable Energy Association of Ireland (SEAI) recommends that you should replace or upgrade your oil boiler if it is more than 15 years old. Even if there are no apparent problems, it’s unlikely to be running above 70% efficiency (new oil boilers are more than 90%) and reliability is likely to be an issue.

    Help it run more efficiently, reducing your heating costs
    Reduce your heating costs by up to 25%
    Improve reliability and safety
    Improve your Building Energy Rating (BER)



How Much Can I Save by Getting a Oil Boiler Replacement?

Save up to 20% operational improvement in efficiency. That means more than 25% in fuel savings. Combine it with zoned controls and your savings can increase to over 35%.

In other words, you can cut your fuel bills by a third by replacing an older, low efficiency oil boiler with a high efficiency oil boiler and zoned controls.



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Please Note * If earth bonding is required in the installation of the boiler to bring it up to current regulations I.S. 813, there will be an additional flat rate fee of €350 for up to 10 metres of bonding.

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