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Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

Gas Boiler Repairs.

Can Cost You A Lot Of Money If You Do Not Maintain Your Boiler.

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Here are some reasons why you should!

• Save money on gas boiler repairs
• Full-blown boiler problems can often develop from minor faults.
• Having an annual service will increase the chance that these faults like a fan sticking. It may need a little oil to get a few more years.
• Leaking pump valves. If resolved early they can stop water penetration, which can cause electrical damage to the boiler. Rust building up on gas safety valves.
• Over pressurised systems can cause the system to blow water out through a pipe to the outside of the property. This can be costly if it requires replacing.
• Seeing signs of rust on the casing of the boiler. This can be a sign of long time issue as rust does not build up overnight. This  will save you money and future hassle.
• Will Reduce your heating costs.
• Choosing the correct gas registered engineer who undertakes your gas boiler service will make sure that it is running as efficiently as possible. This will go a long way towards making sure that you minimize your heating bills.

Carbon monoxide can kill

Boilers that aren’t properly installed, maintained or ventilated can produce carbon monoxide. It only takes a small amount of carbon monoxide to kill. The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headaches, drowsiness, and nausea, breathlessness and stomach pains. The signs are hard to spot and can be fatal. It sometimes can be confused with tiredness or a common cold. Unfortunately this silent killer can’t be seen or smelt.

Dewar Gas Boiler Repair Dublin

Attention landlords, it’s the law

If you’re a landlord, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that each of your properties has a current Gas Safety Certificate. Only Registered Gas Installers are legally qualified to perform this gas safety check and issue a Gas Certificate 2 to prove it.
Do You Live In A Hard Water Area? How do I know if I live in a hard water area?
The tell tail signs are your kettle fills up with limescale.
Your iron show signs of limescale on the underside of the iron.

What can I do to help stop my heating system becoming damaged from limescale?

1. Have a Magnetic Filtration Unit Installed.
Fitting a magnetic filtration device to the system.  Magnetic filtration units are a proven, high efficiency way of removing 100% of black iron oxide.

2. Give your heating system a Powerflush!
A power flush is a cleaning procedure carried out by our professionals that are trained and experienced. Having your system Power Flushing means cleaning the central heating water, the pipes, pump, radiators and the boiler, everything that the central heating water runs through. Using a combination of chemicals and magnets to aid in the cleaning process.

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